Monday, February 22, 2010

It's really too bad there isn't a vaccine for this

Cabin fever. It's hitting eveyrone pretty hard right about now - and it's complete understandable. What's not understandable (or even forgivable) is how this is making people act towards each other. Especially while going about their business in public.

At my second job, I have to **gasp** interact with the public. I know. Most of the time it's pretty ok - but then the cabin fever sets in and all bets are off. This is particularily true since this place has multiple activites for the whole family to partake in all in one spot; especially helpful when it's been gray, cloudy, bitterly cold, depressing, and why won't it stop snowing already?? Esentially, though, once there, nobody (except us employees) want to go home.

I get it - during this particular part of the year I feel quite lucky I don't have to just home....staring....watching the snow....watching more TV....whatever it is that people do when the "fever" hits. This doesn't mean I want to be at my second job all the waking hours I am not at my JOB job. No. We have set hours for a reason.

Which brings me to the most interesting phenonon of people going about their business whilt in the hight of the "fever". Aside from the general rudness, there is this complete lack of willingness to believe in the facts. Facts like - closing time.

I can certainly understand, was this a brand 'spankin new place, fully of shiny new things and people, not yet having a grasp on the hours of business. However, this place has been around since before I was born. Most of the people that come to this place have been coming here since before I was born. So there's no excuse for this temporary amnesia. Well, you know, except for the "fever".

Here is an example of a typically conversation I had with people on Saturday - on which day our closing time is 7pm:

Fever Victim: So you're open 'till 9 then?

Me: No, 7 tonight.

FV: Not 9?

Me: No

FV: Really? 7 huh?

Me: Yep

FV: Are you sure it's not 9?

Me: Pretty sure. Friday is 9.

FV: **tries to get me to magically change closing time with the 'sad eyes'**

Me: **reminds FV that I have other things to do with the 'tired eyes'**

FV: **sigh** 7?

Me: Yes - 7pm.

Fv: **mopes off sadly**

Then a scene from actual closing time:

Me: **heads towards basketball courts - two young boys are shooting around while one of their father's watches. Proceed to check for stray basketballs and then pauses for a minute to see exactly how long this game will last**

Me (again): **realizes this isn't going to stop. Presense has no effect** Uh - are you almost done?

Everyone in Gym: **boys continue to shoot baskets. Father continues to stare**

Me: I'm shutting off the lights....

Everyone in Gym: **can this this kind of registers but is unpleasant so continues to ignore**

Me: We're closing - light? Off.

Father: **stirs to life!** Oh! What time do you close?

Me: 7

Father: Not 9??

Me:.....No....and I'm shutting the lights off now

Father: Well what time is it?

Me: 7...?

Boys: **Continue to shoot - although they hear the entire exchange**

Me: Ok so - lights off then!

Boys: **Discuss how to play a new shooting game**

Me: Seriously! Lights! Off! Now!

Everyone in Gym: Finally amble to the door.

The moral here is - I don't know what is it other than this post got riducliously long thus proving how much of the "fever" I have. Did you read this whole thing? Then you probably have it too.

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