Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's like the first time...which I don't actually remember, but I'm sure it was amazing

Awhile back here I read a short blog post somewhere else about moments, mainly in pop culture (or I guess only in pop culture) that you would like to relive like it’s the first time it’s happening. Of course this got me thinking and here are the things I came up with:

Watching My So Called Life
Man that show was it! I have burned copies laying around my apartment now, and when I decide I need more flannel and black eyeliner in my life or just some good old fashioned leaning, I pop one in and it’s still amazing. I still wish I could achieve the same hair color that Angela managed too. I suppose that’s easier to do with a team of highly paid stylists as opposed to that crazy hair dye/hair mouse combo that made briefly back in the day.

Hearing Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit
The very first time I heard that song I was 100% certain that this was the best band in the world. I was right.

Woodstock ‘99
Wasn’t there, but I did own the 2-disk CD set! I just remember that it was crazy and muddy and nothing else like it has happened since. It won’t either because those jerks completely ruined it what with the violence and drugs and crazy over-priced water. THANKS!

Watching my first Satuday Night Live episode
I was watching this at a pretty young age. My parents used to think they were being sly and order burgers and fries from Charlie’s (which, FYI has the best burgers and fries on the planet and I don’t even eat meat anymore. Well much…) late when I was supposed to be sleeping. I knew those burgers were coming though and hey! What do ya know! I was awake when they came! Which also means that in addition to getting to eat the greatest burger and fries in the world, I got to watch some of the best episodes of SNL evar! We’re talkin’ Eddie Murphy, Gilda Radner, the Coneheads, Dan Akroid. Yeahhhh – that’s the stuff!

Making my first mix tape
Yeah that’s right kiddo’s I said tape and I meant it! This was back in ancient times when not only having a Beta AND VHS player made you the coolest person on the block (we only had VHS…sadly) but having a dual cassette player meant the world was in your hands! It was also its own art form since you’d have to sit by the radio, like, forever OMG! (except we didn’t say O. M. G. we took the looong way) and have cat like reflexes in order to hit record at the exact right moment and then race back to hit stop at the exact right moment. So not only was making a mix tape an art, but it was also an aerobic exercise. See? This is why kids are so fat now-a-days.

Getting our first home computer
Holy crap pixels never looked so good! When my family finally got a computer it was the solid-as-a-rock Apple IIGS. Livin’ large ya’ll…livin’ large. Until that point I was used to having to type in DOS commands on my friend’s practically stone age computer while we attempted to move this guy through a house like some sort of maze or something but every time we’d get to a certain point he just refused to obey the DOS and it was annoying but you’d keep playing because that was still cooler then your dusty Atari!
Yeah – this was also the time when LOADS of software was still free and floppy disks the size of dinner plates reined supreme.

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