Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who knew kittens were so versitile?

In the before times, back when interest rates were in the 5's and you weren't scared to open your mutual fund statements I only went into Goodwill for Halloween attire. Now things have changed. I now go into Goodwill for the incredible savings - assuming you beat out the other eleventymillion people in the same situation (more on the Goodwill conspiracy later)

Anyway! The boyfriend is completely addicted to Goodwill - unlike myself he's always been popping in to check out the merchandise. Recently he got this really fantastic leather coat there that's lined with the most incredibly soft, cream colored lambs-wool like stuff. Except these lambs would have been really pampered lambs because this stuff is SOFT!

So he's been wearing it around at night even though it's fairly warm for this area at this time of year. The following is an actual conversation we had regarding said coat and it's incredible lining:

Me: So the coat feels like wearing kittens? Like my boots feel like putting kittens on your feet?

Boyfriend: Yes, exactly. Except better because I'm not allergic to it.

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