Monday, May 11, 2009

It probably would have been easier to just NOT live in a gated community eh?

I found this rather amusing. I was taking a rather extended detour back to my place on Sunday while I was driving back from Milwaukee, and was out near Lake Geneva. If you don’t know Lake Geneva for it’s tourist-trap shopping/dining then you may know it for the Sugar Shack. Take a moment to think about that one if you still have no clue. Here I’ll give you a minute…and some clues:

1) non-descript building
2) bar-type establishment
3)Out faaaaar away from the actual touristy part of town

Ok – so! I’ve driven this route many, many times, however, Sunday I noticed that there was a large gated drive across the highway. As I sped past I took I peak and sure enough! I could just make out a rather large home down this driveway.

That’s when it occurred to me:

So you live in this either gated community or just a house so large you figure you are important enough to warrant a gate and here’s how you have to tell people to find your place: basically from either direction you come from, the Sugar Shack (italicized for emphasis not any sort of proper titling) will be either on your left or right and our gate is right across from that.

Yep – pretty classy.

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