Friday, June 12, 2009

At least we aren't BOTH packrats

Not only is this your super awesome bonus post but it's also a Real Conversation! Score! Plus it's Friday so how much better can this get? Answer: not much!!

Back when the boyfriend and I were still working on moving into the new place - our house (ok well not our house because its still a rental - but a house nonetheless) we were very excited to finally have actual room for all our (read: the boyfriend's) stuff!

I'm personally not a huge packrat because I tend to move at least once a year, if not more. For this reason I need to keep it pretty simple. The boyfriend? Not so much. Thennnnnn we had the following conversation one day during our moving exploits.

SCENE: Outside the new house. I'm preparing to make another trip to the apartment to bring more stuff back.

BOYFRIEND: Hey why don't you bring back some plates and glasses and stuff so that we can eat while we're moving.

ME: Ok - why do I need to bring glasses though? Didn't we just bring over a box that is actually marked "glasses"? Why don't you just unpack that one?

BOYFRIEND: No, those are glasses glasses, like for your face.

ME: I see - so you have an entire box dedicated just to glasses.


ME: Oh boy.

I’d like to think something like a box packed full of “glasses, like for your face” will remain packed and then find its way to the shed. Please o please o please!!

UPDATE: Since I wrote this that box of "glasses, like for your face"? It's currently unpacked and they are all sitting in their respective cases on my chest of drawers in the bedroom. I finally got him to agree to a nice basket we saw at a neighbor's rummage sale which I thought would be a lovely way to kind of corral them all in a non-hideous way....the basket is currently sitting on the side of the chest of drawers....filled with socks....**sigh**

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