Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So in the spirit of complete laziness I'm phoning it in at part 3 of ?

Yeah so I'm totally over this post. I guess I was assuming that nothing more interesting would happen in the next couple weeks. Blthhhhh!!! Apparently I forgot who I was there for a minute! Silly me.

To give a really quick summary since otherwise I'd be leaving you (assuming anyone is even reading this anymore) right smack dab in the middle of a sentence. So ok - please keep in mind I suck at summaries, because clearly I've very long winded, that or I just don't know how to segue properly into a new paragraph because hey look! I'm STILL talking. Ok ok, here we go:

Came back from Tennessee to find out my Uncle's party was canceled because he was in poor health.

Head up to the big D.C. on Saturday with the Boyfriend and am informed that he passed away the day before. Much crying ensues.

Stay the night and head back on Sunday.

Spend Monday crying and trying to find people to switch shifts with for job #2. Yes that's right I said switch shifts not "to work them for me" so I end up working Monday night. Awesome.

Go back up on Tuesday with the Boyfriend, where we proceed to spend an insane amount of money since I really enjoy showing people around one of my favortist places. No regrets though because really? When will we be able to do that again? Most likely not anytime in the near future.

The visitation and funeral were really nice. Since my Uncle was an extremely good baseball player we all signed baseballs to put in the casket.

Came back late Thursday.

Then it was back to the real world - which not only sucks, but made me realize I just don't like this whole "working" thing. I mean I think I'd be willing to work some sort of part time job, but I'm so over a 40 hour job plus another 15 at my part time job on top of it.

Plus? I just look better when I get more sleep - OBVIOUSLY so I mean really I'm only thinking about you and when you have to look at me. So see how unselfish I am? I would totally not work to look good for you.

I know! And you're welcome

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