Friday, July 31, 2009

Part 2 of ? Of My Own Personal Soap Opera

Yesterday I had just finally left my house - at that point as quickly as possible because who doesn't want to hurry up and get to the hospital? Well me but only because the vising hours seem very restrictive when you're on a tight schedule. However, when I was IN the hospital, scratch that, even when I was in the the hospital I would have liked slightly longer vising hours.


I visited with Best Friend and her new addition Little C. I also helped her "escape" from the hospital so we could walk half a mile away so she could smoke. So yeah, I'm so awesome I helped my friend break all sorts of New Mommy rules. But you know...when that "new Mommy" has had two other children and they turned out just fine, you don't get to have a say in "what's best".

Then it was off to collect my Benjamin's from my mom for my plethora of medical bills, hit the grocery store and head home. Only, when I got home, I realized I didn't want to be there quite yet, mainly because the more I looked around the more stuff I found tucked away or just plain hidden. I think the last straw was finding the "I Love You" post-it from the Boyfriend that was stuck to my bedroom mirror now stuck to the shoe rack in the closet!

With my stress and rage levels shooting off the charts at this point, I decided that obviously the very best option was to grab a blanket, pillow, book and radio and sleep on the living floor of my now unfurnished apartment across town. Oh yes - I was that mad. You can pretty much bet things have taken a pretty sour turn when I no longer want to be in the same house as you - unless you want to die in your sleep. Then the situation is most likely on your side.

Of course, I figured I'd be missed right away but apparently that didn't occur until the next morning . But, eventually we worked it all out once it was explained that the Boyfriend needed to keep the "separate living" lie alive for when the Daughter's mom came into our home. That's all well and good, but then you need to tell me these things. There is no way I'd have any idea to ask a question on like that. NONE. Besides, there's a whole issue with asking the Boyfriend questions in the first place, so usually unless information is readily provided it's best to just wait and see how it plays out. This can go one of two ways - like the way it went, or worse. Rarely does it end happily with complete understanding and nobody storming out of house. That would be nice though.

Moving on....

I still had quite the list to accomplish even though I had mange to cross a whopping three whole things off. It was really more like 1 thing since every time I turned around I was adding to the list rather then subtracting from it making it more of a two steps forward, one step back scenario.

Luckily, the Boyfriend decided to step it up in project "You Better Help Megan Reduce her Stress Levels Before Mass Destruction Ensues" meaning he cleaned out my car and washed it, and then obsessed over the water that was still mysteriously dripping down the sides every once in awhile. It's always such an adventure when you wash your car, especially when you feel like you did a pretty good job drying it only to find out 2 hours later that apparently steal is more absorbent than you realized and water continues to course down the sides of your windows and doors leaving ugly water marks behind.

Miraculously, we also managed to fit in a bunch of other errands I needed to get taken care of AND attend a pool party at Job #2, where we stuffed ourselves with brats, potato salad, soda, and chips. Then I went home to pack and make myself a collection of mix CD's cleverly entitled "Road Trippin" 1-5 (if you're wondering, yes I AM a certified genius...why ever do you ask?)

Sunday started out with a flurry of activity getting myself and my car ready for the trip and culminated in a huge lunch before I settled in for my 10 hour drive to Tennessee. Most people hear that and are pretty sure they would loose their minds around hour 4 or 5, but you really have to try it sometime. The first time I drove to TN alone I was terrified. I was mostly scared of something happening, like being attacked, or robbed or getting in an accident and nobody knowing what happened. However, after I successfully navigated the first trip I knew that this time would be a lot better. Besides that - it's 10 hours of complete ALONE time.

You get to listen to whatever music in what, in whatever order you want as LOUD as you want. You stop when you want, eat what you want and drive how you want. You don't have to entertain, speak to, listen to, or care about anybody else. It's pretty zen really - and possibly the best 10 hours you can spend. As long as you put yourself in the right mind frame to start out and you just settle in, the time goes fairly quickly.

The trip was nice. I didn't get to see as much family as I would have liked, but that's mainly my own fault for not calling people ahead of time. Which isn't really my fault so much as I just don't like calling people so if I could have simply e-mailed them I'm sure we could have avoided a miscommunication in the first place.

By Thursday I had re-established my Southern accent and was ready to head home.

Part Three most likely on Monday

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