Thursday, July 30, 2009

Part One of ? of the Last Two Weeks of My Soap Opera of a Life

Well hello there! So first we should address the issue of me being a horrible, filthy liar. Hey! Stop nodding your head over there! You don't even probably know why I'm calling myself a liar. Unless it's because, as you can probably see, there are STILL no pictures posted. What in the name of little baby jeebus tap dancing in the rain is wrong with me? How possibly hard can it be to post some damn pictures on a blog.

Normally probably not that hard, but with the two jobs, and all the pictures being on my home computer and no Internet access at job #2...well you see. PLUS there was the last two weeks of my life in there...which...well...let's take a look.

First of all probably shortly after I last posted waaaaaaaay back on July 10th, my completely insane mother calls me to tell me that my Great Uncle is on his deathbed and probably will not make it through the night. Obviously I'm immediately upset. I realize the "great" in front of "uncle" makes it seem like this is more of a distant relative, but I lived with my Great Aunt and Uncle for two years and they are simply amazing people.

So, I'm at work, upset, and having a panic attack about what the next move should be. I'm supposed to go to Tennessee to see my Dad on I go? Should I leave for the big D.C. to see my Great Uncle tonight? Where will I stay? Will my Dad understand? What about job #2?

By the time the Boyfriend comes to get me from work I'm a mess. Or, I supposed you could make that MORE of a mess. PLUS the Best Friend goes and decides that it was also a SUPER day to pop out her third kid. So in addition to figuring out the aforementioned paragraph there this to do:
* Must pick up prescription from Walmart before 10pm
* Must get money from mom and make deposit at bank before Sunday
* Pay bills
* Go see Best Friend and Little C in the hospital
* Figure out what in the Holy Hell is going on with my house - specifically where the hell is all my stuff?

Oh yeah - did I forget to mention that the Boyfriend forgot to mention to his daughter's mom that we live together?? Yep. So, since she was dropping of the Daughter and was apparently touring our home (which I didn't know - it turns out it was all MY FAULT for not asking the right questions? Whatever) so all my stuff had to be shoved out of way so he wouldn't look like a big fat liar. Which, in that case, he was.

You wanna know what the really best way to push me over the edge when I'm panicking and feeling really rushed and stressed out? MOVE ALL MY STUFF ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE SO I CAN'T POSSIBLY FIND IT. Yeah - see how THAT goes.

Oh and did I mention that I had T-minus 2 weeks to make, and mail 30 wedding shower invites??


I had assume (obviously completely wrongly) that the Boyfriend had gone to get my prescriptions already that day, it was the one thing I asked that get done. NOPE. So he went to go do that and I decided before continuing to have a panic attack to call my family in D.C. and see what the deal was.

Turns out my Great Uncle was "fine" meaning he wasn't going to die during the night, was stable, and, in fact, the kids were planning a fish boil for his birthday the next Saturday.

Once the Boyfriend returned, I gave him the updated situation, and, right before I could make a more graceful and less noticeable exit from my own home, an entire barrage of people came in, with gift for his Daughter. Which, is normally totally ok, but I'm in the middle of having a breakdown, I still have a legal sized to-do list, and now, apparently, I'm going to have to try and entertain people? Right.

I end up completely overwhelmed by the unexpected company, annoyed that the Boyfriend is now completely ignoring me, and pissed because I still can't find any of my stuff. I'm waiting for the Boyfriend to acknowledge the fact that I need to leave - like 15 minutes ago, but since that time never comes, I stomp around trying to find my misplaced items, since some of those are things I need to bring to the hospital for Best Friend.

I grab the rest of my stuff and get to the car only to realize guess who left it on dead empty? Now I have to go back inside and get my debit card. That done, I finally manage to leave the house - finally!

This concludes part one - if you would like to hear the parts two through who knows, because this is apparently getting much longer than I anticipated, you may tune in all the subsequent days to read them!

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