Friday, July 10, 2009

You probably won't find your dead grandma in your wall but if you did it would be better if it was ice cream

This is a real life conversation I had today:

The Setting: My job at El Banco (P.S. So I hear you're not supposed to blog about your work? So I guess sorry if I offend anyone, but you, I work 14 hours a day typically so I don't have too much else to talk about! Plus when you work with the public it's pretty much ceaseless entertainment)

The Background: As a fundraiser for United Way we got a small Culver's ice cream cart, some sprinkles and mini M&M's for toppings. The cart holds two large containers of ice cream, one on the left and right sides plus an additional container under the bucket on the left if you run out of one.

The Culver's guy came in to deliver an extra container and this is the conversation I had with him.


Me: Oh hey!We were just talking about getting another one of those from you

Culver's Guy: Yeah? Well, here you go.

** I "help" while he pulls out the two existing containers and lifts in the new one in the storage area of the cart **

Me: Oh that's cool, I didn't realize there was space for another one in there. Huh.

Culver's Guy: Yeah it works out pretty well. You never quite know what all in there, kind of like an old house.

Me: Right, like if you remodel and you just never know if you're going to find grandma in the wall

Culver's Guy: **nervous laughter**

Me: You know, except that you would find ice cream instead, which would be better than finding a dead grandma.

Culver's Guy: **more nervous laughter** Yeah, um, ok, so....I'm gonna go.


I'm going to go ahead and blame the headache for making me delirious and completely unable to control my motor skills.

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