Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Money CAN buy happiness - and it's only $54.33

I know this because I bought happiness last night. And it was AMAZING!

What's great is it's something EVERYONE has access to and can buy.

You probably wanna know now huh?

Ok - I'll tell you.

Salon Products!

More specifically my special blend of two shampoos and one conditioner that makes my hair manageable in even the crappiest water supply.

Shortly after we moved to the new house I completely ran out of all my super awesome, cannot live without, Aveda products. Well at least my shampoos and conditioner. I convinced myself that I could go without. Especially since it's extremely hard to justify spending $54 on shampoo when you don't even have food in your refrigerator.

Until it started to get more fall-like outside and less humid it didn't bother me too horribly much since my summer 'do is to just go aux natural and throw my hair up with a series of clips and spray gel. DONE!

Now that I have the option to wear my hair down without looking like I was in a serious fight with my hair dryer it was impossible to ignore the EXTREME buildup that the hard water was causing. I mean for reals yo! I attempted this yesterday pre buying my beloved products and - just gross. You could even see a layer of "coating" on my brush bristles. Barf.

Today though? BLISS! It may sound vain, but in these tough economic times if I can make myself happier for $54.33 then so be it. There's even still food in the 'fridge! Win-win.

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