Friday, September 4, 2009

Taking Risks: Not really what I'm about but I did it anyway

I quit my job yesterday.

Today is my last day.

I have a fabulous new job lined up too!

I will be slightly benefit less and working with slightly less pay for awhile.

And I'm ridiculously excited!

I think about my new job, about which I really know practically nothing and I literally squeal out loud with excitement. The Boyfriend just looks at me and smiles. He asks "What?" but he already knows. I haven't been this excited about a job in years.

One of the nicest parts is they want me. I chose them (I've been working on this for two YEARS)and now, finally, mercifully they've chosen me too. They weren't forced to hire me because I was working for a company they owned, they weren't coerced into giving me a position because they were shifting some other people around and it didn't occur by happenstance because someone else quit.

They actually want me to work there and be part of their company.

I'm sure to a lot of people this sounds completely insane and you're saying "What do you mean no benefits?" "What do you mean less pay?? In this economy? Are you INSANE?" Maybe. But I don't think it's any less insane to stay at a job that feels like it's killing my soul each and every day.

I'm tired of being at a company that repeatedly tries to cast me aside. I'm tired of being the misfit from "that other company we used to own." I'm tired of ending up in positions either because it's benefiting someone else or because they have no reason to fire me so they just stick me wherever they can.

Besides - the benefits and the pay - it'll come. Sometimes you need to start on the bottom again so you can work your way back up. And that's okay. Goals are good! I mean look what happens when you don't give up.

Today is bitter sweet. I'll miss a lot of my co-workers. But I'll see them again. I still have to bank somewhere. For now, I'll let someone else worry about meeting goals, and looking good on paper. Dominating the reports and squashing anyone who gets in their way. I'll let them pick someone they want and meanwhile, I'm going to go where I'm wanted.

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