Sunday, September 6, 2009

I know you thought the day would never come, you were wrong

Remember those pics I mentioned like WAY back in the day? The ones from the Boyfriend's gig at the coffee shop? Where I took so many test shots that I only got like ONE actual picture of him playing? Well - in the spirit of finally, finally starting to get some stuff done. Stuff that's been hanging over my head and mocking me each and every day it remains undone, I proudly present to you...**drum roll**
Pictures! Behold!

- One of the random shots I took while trying to figure out what setting to use on my camera, thanks to Picnik it ended up looking pretty sah-weet -

- Another coffee shop test picture. In "real life" it's this pretty cool partial bust in plaster of paris or something -

- Yet another test shot (yeah it's really NO WONDER I had no battery power left when the Boyfriend got up there!) I really like those coffee mug planters though -

- Hum...whatever could this possibly be?? Maybe it's yet another test shot...and NOT a picture of the actual show... -

- Aaaaand here it is! The ONE picture that was the reason for al the rest...The Boyfriend! -

- This one is big time courtesy of Picnik. Same Boyfriend pic with like 5 Picnik effects. Nice...right? -

Then - there was mention of some fabulous flowers inhabiting my yard. Of course they are no longer blooming - probably mostly because I suck at growing stuff. Here's what they used to look like.

- Georgeous! -

- I wish I would have known how to make these beautiful and blooming for longer than the week that they lasted -

Lastly the infamous blue mac and cheese. Remember that this was gluten free and I had added blue cheese and then let it sit for a few days. Apparently this shouldn't be done.

- This, probably pretty obviously, was the pic where I try and make smurf blue mac and cheese look "arty" -

Well - that's all she wrote for right now! I'm hoping to get some pics up of the bridal shower I recently threw for my friend. Hopefully sooner than i managed to get these taken care of. Have a GREAT weekend!

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