Sunday, September 20, 2009

Deep thoughts, by Megan Handy

So you know that one - "There's a thin line between love and hate?"

I'm sure we've all been there at one time or another.

It still blows my mind how true this is.

How in the course of one day you can go from feeling completely in love to hardly even being able to look that person in the eye.

How one second you're absolutely sure they would do anything for you, to wondering when they became the most selfish person you know.

How far though, can you cross the line before you can't go back?

Could you ever go back?

Would you want to?

Sometimes you just keep straddling the line, hopping from one side to the other like you're on fire.

Eventually that fire is either going to go out, or completely consume you.

Either way you're going to go up in flames.

Is there ever a time you can get far enough away from the line? Far enough to not make that short skip to hate?

What happens then?

Do you still go up in flames?

Does the love consume you so completely that you can't go back to who you were?

Do you lose yourself?

Do you lose either way?

Do you have to?

Maybe this is all in vain - all this wondering, contemplating, analyzing.

Maybe I'll turn around and someone will say hey "Them's the rules"

Do they have to be?

How do you break the cycle?

Or does it even matter.

Once it's broken with one person, you'll surely enter it again.

The love, the hate, the love.

Back and forth

Like God's playing ping pong with your heart.

With your emotions.

Your life.

Why can't the game just stop without having to fall right off the table.

Can you control the fall?

Can't you just stand up and scream "Enough!"

Maybe if you scream loud enough everyone will finally just shut up and listen.

Maybe then you can get a handle on things.

Then again....

Maybe you won't.

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