Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just When You Thought Maybe Your Life Wasn't So Boring Afterall

I was in a pretty good mood yesterday - well aside from the fact that I was unable to attend one of my kickboxing classes (seriously, if I don't get to punch something twice a week...well pretty much all bets are off). On the way home I started composing what I thought would have been a fairly spectacular (if I do say so myself) post.

It was going to be more like a work in progress until my birthday in August. You know, kind of like a "look how far I've come" type deal. I was getting pretty excited about it - I felt like for my age I've done some fairly cool stuff, seen some fairly cool stuff, and survived some fairy crazy stuff. Basically I thought I had a decent retrospective on my hands that would be at least somewhat amusing.

So I thought....

Then I read this and thought - mmaaaaaaybe notsomuch.

You guys - the woman who writes this blog is amazing. Everyday she had amazing experiences with her son in NY. She's probably not much older than me and she's just gotten to do things I can't even imagine. This particular post is about the indy record/clothing/dance club/coffee shop she opened at age 21.

At age 21 I was still in collage, I'd done an internship with the Peninsula Music Festival , which I still think is amazing, and then graduated and headed back up north to work at a theatre. A little ho-hum in comparison.

I still think my experiences are special and I believe that there are a few people out there who might think they are pretty amazing and might think I've been the one out there doing amazing stuff. I think I have.

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