Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well This Certainly Isn't Going as Planned!

Originally I started this blog so that I could post the ideas that stike me while I'm supposed to be working. Othewise they may or may not be written and if they are they usually sit in my e-mail waiting to be edited until such a time when I either delete it or post it anyway on my MySpace blog and it's almost not even relavant anymore.

I wanted to start posts over here though with past posts from my MySpace blog. Yet the only time I have time to access my MySpace blog is at work, which my company has blocked because apparently they feel that were you to have access to MySpace you would cease being productive. Little do they know that I've since come up with hundreds of new ways to stay unproductive. So I still win.

This isn't the only deterrant though. After realizing that I probably wasn't going to be taking the necessary time to repost MySpace posts here I thought maybe this could be the blog where I address all the nasty issues (hey - head out of the gutter people!!) that I can't on MySpace since people would inevidable realize who I was talking about (possibly them!) and get upset. While it's nice to vent, I don't want to risk ticking anybody else off either. Then I lose.

THEN I thought hey! This could become the place where I basically hold Alanon meetings for myself and work though those issues. But, I mean, how depressing is that! First of all - who wants to read the depressed rantings of well, me? Second - I don't think I want to put that kind of negativity out in the universe. There's already enough out there and I doubt I need to add to it.

Basically what it comes down to is that I want this to be as much fun as I think my MySpace blog is (most of the time), and I want people to want to read this. And I want to eventually break the news to everyone else that I have this thing going on over here and they should come check it out.

Here's the plan: I'm just going to move forward as if this blog has been existing for some time...and if I ever get around to posting old MySpace posts on here then yay me! If what?


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