Thursday, May 28, 2009

Can you tell I'm spectacularly bored?

Yeah, yeah, one post a day is probably enough. Especially since that post was a whole 5 minutes ago. Whatever. You know you want more! Also? I need to kill sometime before my webinar starts. I probably should be spending that time getting more caffeinated beverages.


This man that the boyfriend works with, wrote this book. It's actually a self-published book, so basically that means he had to front all the money to make it happen. I researched it for a bit yesterday and...damn! That shit's expensive!

The thing is I don't really like it. The book, not the self-publishing, although that is half the problem with me not liking the book in the first place. either wasn't edited like, at all, or, it was edited by a blind monkey. I'm not sure. Tenses are all over the place and sometimes change twice in a single paragraph. The word "its" not in the possessive (so not "it is") is always followed by an apostrophe so it reads like this: its'

I'm not a big fan of fiction lately either, but I've also never read a fiction work about a serial killer, which is what this book is about, so the genre isn't really up my alley. That's not to say that it would never be, I'm sure that could probably be fixed with slightly better writing. Slightly better writing that also involves the extensive use of a thesaurus.

I was really hoping that maybe the boyfriend would forgot I said I was taking the book to read on lunch so that I wouldn't have to talk about it because, well, how do you tell someone that you don't like their friend's book?

Of course, the boyfriend thought I was just being my overly critical self. Although, I must say, I did run this past three other people prior to having to fess up on my feelings. I think I was as tactful as possible. I get that nobody wants to just hear a bunch of criticism though. Ah, honesty, such a bitter pill.

Even after all this, I decided to take another stab at it today. This is when I decided that I was completely done trying. I see it as an extreme sentence FAIL.

I'm pretty understanding of quite a bit of things I think. I can at least see the other point of view even if I don't agree with it. However, some things are so offensive that there's just no getting around it, regardless of what the explanation might be. Ok, so here goes. Remember I did not write this:

"Polly Kelvin is beautiful in all measures of sexuality and luxury that most men would rape for."



So that concludes my reading of that book. Ironically, I had not put a bookmark in from the last time I attempted a reading, and this sentence was pretty much where I opened the book up to. I'm going to go ahead and take that as a sign.

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