Friday, May 29, 2009

Your male PMS is completely destroying my my sanity so KNOCK IT OFF

I was all set to have this crazy rant of a post once again, but I've completely run out of steam here. I'm exhausted to the point where the bags under my eyes have their own bags. I'm bored to the point of numbness, sitting at work, and staring at the seemingly beautiful day that lies just beyond my office window and therefore just out of reach.

I long to be at the point where the moving is all done, my old apartment has cleaned its self, the cats have found a new and better home, and everything in the new place has been put away or at least is hiding behind a closet door where I can't see it.

Right now, I feel like we will never get to this point.

What surely is not helping is that apparently every man on the face of the earth is PMS'ing at the exact same time. Was there some sort of lunar change that I wasn't aware of? Not that I'm in the habit of following the cycles of the moon, but seriously.

While I'm attempting to get the rest or our stuff moved....alone, and put away our stuff in the new place...alone, and trying to find a better home for my cat that you knew I had.....alone, I need to not have to deal with male PMS right now. I have enough going on thankyouverymuch.

Also? You know what's really not helpful? When you decide that you're "tired" and go to bed at 5:30 in the evening! Meanwhile I brought over a car load of stuff....washed the floors...organized the utility room....and put together the "office". It was really great when I was attempting to put away kitchen stuff and you got all huffy because you were trying to sleep on the couch at 5:30 in the evening. Guess what? People who sleep for like 12 hours at a time? Don't get to complain when the other person works all day too, then comes home and has to deal with complete chaos alone.

That's fine...because the sooner all this is over the sooner I can attempt to regain my sanity.

P.S. I have a potential home for my cats, but nothing is certain. I really don't want to take them to the Humane Society because I'm fairly certain they will put Noel down. If you can help out and take two wonderful cats that need more attention and care then I can seem to give them please let me know! I appreciate it!!

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