Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Potluck: More on "the move", why I'm a bad person, and internet *pOrn* gone wrong

I was just re-reading some of my more recent posts - and woah there! How depressing have I been? Sometimes that just happens. So today I'm going to try very hard to be more charming and less "stand back at least 5 feet to avoid losing a limb".

The ongoing moving saga: Happily things are looking up! Lately I've been the one out running around while the boyfriend has been at home unpacking and hanging up pictures. It's so great to come home and see progress being made I cannot even tell you. Granted - most of them were his boxes to unpack anyway, but it's just good to see some of them being emptied! Sweet relief.

I do need to note that last night the boyfriend was attempting to prepare dinner and while I was getting ready in the adjacent bathroom I could hear a lot of cupboard door slamming, banging around and swearing. Basically he didn't know where anything was in the kitchen, which he later expressed to me. Do I care that you can't find anything? Not really. It wasn't like I was invisible when I was unpacking the kitchen. At any point I would have been more than willing to have some help or input on where things so go. I told him he was more than welcome to rearrange it, but if he doesn't want to then that's his business.

I was also informed that I have "taken over" the bathroom adjacent to the kitchen. Again - I would refer you to the above kitchen discussion. Also? I'm a girl - it's what happens....I don't know why this is surprising at all.

Anyway - the point is it's all good.

It's so good that last night after I got back from Madison at 11:15pm (more on that in a minute) I even stopped and picked up a pineapple and hot sauce for the boyfriend. Don't ask - it's his favorite snack not mine!

Why I'm a bad person: Well I'm not that bad really. I just feel like it. I always said that it was ridiculous to get rid of a pet. I mean, you knew what you were getting into and your pet becomes a member of your family. I mean if your kids are being destructive and obnoxious you can't just ship them off to a Child Humane Society (although think of the possibilities! Like if there were a place like that, except for leaving them there permanently it was just this place you left for like a few hours to show 'em who's boss. Then maybe you come back later and pick them back up. See if they ever do that again!)

One of my biggest peeves was people getting rid of their pets because of someone else. I just couldn't understand it. Love me love my pets. End of story.

This is why you never say never.

It's not as though the boyfriend didn't like the cats...but he was severely allergic. He did manage to get some pretty good allergy pills, but he was sick of the cat hair, as was I, and, being a bad person I just didn't have the time to brush them or give them regular baths. The cats not the boyfriend.

Additionally, we are living in yet another place that would rather us not have cats. This whole situation works out well for my mom who has always hated that I had cats and my sister who I'm pretty sure was also against it as well. Haters: 3 Me: 0

Happily though, they were taken in last night my one of my very close friends. She's fairly well acquainted with the cats so it was a pretty comfortable transition. Having their own stuff around them like litter box, food bowls and toys probably helped too. I'm sure they are completely stoked that they aren't locked away in one little room a la Anne Frank anymore.

I still feel like a bad person. **sigh**

Which brings us to....

Internet *pOrn* gone wrong: This is pretty amusing actually. I had a customer who we noticed looked like they had some unauthorized transactions. Before the person came in I was doing some research on the purchases and it revealed that they were for different *pOrn* sites.

I was pretty skeeved out. Not because I'm being a prude, but because there were LOTS and LOTS of these charges. LOTS. So...ewwww. Also? How in the world was I going to just casusually ask if they were in the habit of apparently doing nothing but watching Internet *pOrn*?

Later in the day the customer showed up....after a brief discussion it came out that the customer had one time signed up for an "adult entertainment" site (I figured the term "adult entertainment" was more appropriate in a business setting that repeatedly using the term *pOrn*) but had cancelled the membership after a week.

Since then the customer had noticed random transactions occurring on the account yet didn't do anything about them. Interesting. I can guarantee you that if something was randomly pulling $20-$40 from my account multiple times a month I'd have been in long ago.

In fraud cases we can only go back 60 days. This means I could only go back until April. Just in that period of time between April and now there were roughly 40 transactions including international service fees, that added up to about $630. That's only the ones I could count in the case. This did not include anything prior, which, in one case, there was a single charge for almost $100.

Your Thursday Learning Moment is: 1) Never use your credit card or debit card on unsecured sites online (like *pOrn* you pervs!) b) If you notice weird charges on your account I'd go to the bank ASAP III) I'm not sure why anyone is paying for Internet *pOrn* when I'm sure there's tons for free.

This was brought to you by the letter "C" and number 17

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