Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sometimes it's very sad when life imitates art, especially if you consider Mike Judge movies to be art

By now I would assume that practically everyone on the planet is familiar with that classic office-life move “Office Space” If not, then get thee to a video rental store. Stat! You simply cannot continue kiving without seeing this movie. Cannot. Don’t worry I’ll be here when you get back.

For everyone else…we all remember early on when our “hero” is badgered countless times regarding those damn TPS reports. If nothing similar has ever happened to you – then you are very very lucky.

I am not.

So the other day I go to set up an online product for a customer at El Banco. The next day I get one e-mail from someone named “Arlene” to myself and CC’d to someone named “Jackie”, stating that this customer also needs a personal profile set up in our system. Ok. No big deal. This was at 11:29am.

At 12:56pm the same day, I get yet another e-mail from someone named “Claudia” to myself and CC’d to my manager. This e-mail contains the verbiage from the first e-mail as well as a big long explanation about signing myself up for additional training on the matter.

About an hour after the second e-mail my manager pops in and asks me if I’ve seen the second e-mail. Then she explains what I need to do.

Yes, thank you – I’m pretty sure it’s under control at this point. Also? I need to know about everything from how to reverse a NSF fee to the tax ramifications involved in early IRA withdrawal. Excuse me if I cannot remember every little iota of information regarding everything in between.

I wonder what happens when the people at the top screw up? Who are they getting an initial e-mail from, and then a follow up e-mail, and then a personal visit reminder, from? I think in that situation the senario should reverse its self and those of us on the bottom layer of the totem pole should be sending those out.

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