Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I have a lot of anger right now, so if this post spontaneously combusts I'm sorry

Two things - both of them were included in two separate posts on one of my favorite pop-culture blogs Mama Pop. The site and the writers aren't the problem by any means, its the stories. Well, I should say our American pop-culture is the problem. What I'm trying to say is, I eventually would have heard about either one of these at a later time from a different source and been as equally upset, it just so happens that Mama Pop got there first.

So the first was this story about the infamous Speidi. I don't care about the story so much - I mean really? How worked up can you really get if Speidi wants to go back on a reality TV show that they initially got mad at because it was "too hard". I'm not even sure why they cared, the fame-whores that they are.

No, the problem was this: remember back in college (I say college because that's when you were paying to go to class so really it was your dime you were wasting by being a big slacker)when you'd go to class everyday because, like me, you hated reading actual books, and really, why waste your time when your professor was just going to cover exactly what you needed to know to pass the class in a lecture.

Anyway - you'd show up, and maybe like, half the rest of the class would be there. So first 5 times or so, that this would happen, the professor would waste a good 20 minutes ranting about how the other half of the class wasn't showing up and they were just wasting their own money by doing this and how were they going to pass if they weren't there to hear the lecture - but he/she was ranting to the people who were there. So way to waste even more time...time that we are paying for you to be teaching.

That's the problem with the Speidi article. It talks, briefly, about them going back to the show and then continues on about how we all waste so much time talking about these people, whom we don't even care about, thereby giving them even more press and just continuing to feed the fire.

This happens All. The. Time. So just stop! Or...if you can't stop...then just say what you need to say about their current project/mishap/appearance, and move on. Cease wasting time telling us how you can't believe you're wasting time talking about it in the fist place, because now? You're wasting my time...doubly so because now you've made me mad and I'm blogging about it and thereby wasting other peoples' time...my GOD let's just stop the insanity already!

Secondly was this article which is basally something about Oprah and KFC's new grilled chicken and a bunch of people who were supposed to get these free grilled chicken meals, but KFC ran out? And then they told the people well we'll give you IOU's and a free Pepsi, but you need to mail in the old coupon so we can send you a new coupon. You'll get the new coupon in a few weeks though, so hold tight ok?

Apparently this angered, like, everyone, not so much because KFC ran out of the free food at the time, but because, apparently running out of food, and then offering a free soda when it came time to redeem the new coupon, was completely unacceptable. Additionally these people were completely outraged by KFC's attempt to reconcile the problem because they shouldn't have had to pay for the postage, and paper and whatever else to get this new coupon.

Yeah - so now they are SUING KFC over this FREE MEAL. SUING. What??

Ok, listen up you redneck, gift-horse in the mouth looking hillbillies. I was in the hospital for over a month last year because my doctor's kept almost killing me. I now I have a hideous foot long scar and have developed an auto-immune disease.

Rightfully, I should be able to sue the crap out of my doctors and the hospital, who misdiagnosed my burst appendix, not once but three times . Most people die shortly after their appendix bursts, but I can't, because I don't have the money necessary to get a lawsuit off the ground.

Yet these people, who apparently are in "desperate need" of some free KFC have enough money to get a class-action suit off the ground over FREE FOOD. FREE FOOD from KFC. Have I mentioned it was FREE??

I'm just wondering exactly what is wrong with this country? This country that continually fills me with rage over these idiots who inhabit it.

If you've never seen the movie Idiocracy, you might want to go rent it like, now. That movie? That is where the future is headed, so you might want to prepare yourselves. I'm just sayin.

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