Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Apparently my job hates me and wants me to live in a van down by the river

As of today my job is costing me more money than am making. I'd say I'm not sure how this is happening, but I do know, it's just that I'm completely powerless to stop it. The easy solution here would be to quit...and yet here we are in a recession and with the highest unemployment rates since probably the Depression. So...

I'm not exactly a huge fan of my job. I mostly work here as a result of circumstance. I stay here for that same reason. Not for lack of trying mind you, this is all completely situational. It also means that I have a total lack of control over the things that are imposed on me.

Let's take a little look see back at the beginning:

October 2004: Lose my arts job in the big D to the C; Come back to J-Town and work at Gap over the Holiday Season

February 2005: Finally land a job in Mad-Town. Yay. Completely not arts related but what are you gonna do sometimes?

December 2007: Find out our largest client is being bought out by BoA (EVIl!) and we might lose our jobs. MERRY CHRISTMAS ASSHOLES!

February 2007: Land job with the el banco side of our company, which, obviously, since they said we were guaranteed positions with them if we applied. I'm preeeeety sure HR at el banco was none to pleased with this. Yet, I still had to go through three rounds of interviews.

October 2007: The first of many job decisions is made for me. What's great is that at first it was presented as an "option"...when I wasn't receptive to their "option" it became law. Extreme anger ensues.

Sometime a bit later in 2007: Realize getting paid mileage IS a pretty sweet deal. Yay money!! This feeling will not last.

Beginning of 2008: Told that the company is spending too much money sending me all over the place to work as the floater. (Who's fault is that again?? Not mine! I tried to tell you no...)Told I must start driving the company car. I am issued a company credit card though when I refuse to front the money for gas before getting reimbursed.

March 2008: Learn that I'm not getting the cost of living raise. I'm not getting any raise. Apparently you're not allowed to blow off steam at front of your boss...Am told there will be a review in October at which time I'll most likely get my whopping 5%.

October 2008: No extra review...still no raise

November 2008: This sucks. All that extra money from getting mileage reimbursement is gone. Poof! I am not scrounging up money to pay for car insurance on MY car. A car I'm not even supposed to be driving...well at least to work. Not sure how to bring up that extra review we were supposed to be having.

March 2009: Review time again. it's also right around the same time we started a hiring freeze and announced lay offs. Lucky me I still have a job - but only because the person that was supposed to be at one of the locations quit since they made her mad too. Que: "Just be glad you have a job" refrains...from like....everyone

It's been decided that my current position is being eliminated, and I will fill in the spot currently open from where the other person quit. Awesome. Thanks for asking me what I wanted. Oh right, I don't get to make those kinds of decisions about my own career like...ever.

By the way? We're also taking back the company car and credit card...even though we know you really wanted to work where you are actually living and now will have a 20 minute daily commute that you need to front the gas for. All the time. From now until forever.

But! We're giving you your 5% raise and letting you keep a job! You can thank us later. We know...we're giving like that.

June 2009, Today : Coming up with gas money is increasingly hard. I haven't been able to completely fill my tank in months. Most of the bills are going unpaid and to add insult to injury, I've been appointed to (read: commanded to)be the spokes person for a "business success" group for our location. The group is based out of a city almost 2 hours away. The meetings are usually in the city which is 2 hours away or sometimes in one 45 minutes away.


Sure, I will eventually get gas reimbursement, but only after I front my own money for the gas to get there. I'm not sure my company got the memo on this...but gas? It's almost $3/gallon right now. Because it's summer. Because it's prime tourist season.

Later Today: I'm informed that our company has come out with this line (sorry...COLLECTION) of company apparel that is 100% certified organic cotton and that everyone else is buying this nifty green shirts from the "collection". The shirts at $30 a pop. I have to buy three different medications totaling around $30 not to mention buy "special bread" from my stupid autoimmune disease that costs $6/loaf and only lasts a week. In the refrigerator. In an air-tight container.

I'm not sure exactly what the cap is on your company forcing you to spend money, but I'm kind of reaching my limit. I think enough's enough.

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