Thursday, June 25, 2009

You guys...I'm kinda a big deal, incase you didn't know

While today has been a kinda shitty for most of the people around me, it's kind of turning out to be one of my best days EVAR! What really solidified it was having my comment on my all time, most favortist blogger's blog featured one of my comments as one of the comments of the day. I'm so not kidding. It's over on The Bloggess. You guys, I realize you know that I'm a big deal (probably because I just told you in the title of this post. You're welcome.)but, seriously, The Bloggess is a BIG DEAL. The one post I was featured on alone had 114 comments!

Also?? This was the very first comment I've ever left there because the awesomeness of The Bloggess is so strong that I usually feel waaaay too intimidated to type. Like my brain is kinda like "go for it", but my fingers are all "Dude? Are you serious up there? If this comment doesn't kick some serious ass The Bloggess might just come over here and chop us right the hell off!" So see? THIS IS A BIG DEAL!

Anyway - go over to The Bloggess not only to check out my comment but to just bask in the awesomeness of it all.'ll allow you to be a big deal too. You're welcome. Again.

P.S. I've this this post now like three times (because my editing skillz suck yo!) and I realized that this post is pretty much made up of the words: awesome, serious, ass, and kick in various forms. Ok so I'm not always super high brow over here, but maybe you are one of those people having a totally shit day and now here you are readin this and you don't even have to think because I'm using the lowest form of the English language. Again...I say...You're welcome

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