Monday, June 29, 2009

This isn't a real post, because it's Monday, and everybody knows that nothing real happens on Mondays

Last night I pretty much had the perfect opportunity to really improve on the looks of this blog, but then I got all lazy and crabby and decided that if the boyfriend could sleep the evening away then I didn't want to do anything either! Besides, who told him he could sleep when I wanted to be entertained. It surely wasn't me because that's just wrong. If I'm home and I want to talk to you, even if it's about nothing you better be awake. And...hey! Why are you leaving the room again?? GET BACK HERE!

Apparently he thought I was being crabby too, but guess what? I get to be crabby when I had to work for 7 1/2 hours on a Sunday while standing the whole time (in the rain! Uphill! Both ways! omg!!)Besides, while I was trying to move the printer off the desk and onto a nearby table-like thing, I knocked over a lamp whose light bulb then hit my finger and burned it. THEN, while I was trying to locate some more batteries for my camera I stepped on a tack which promptly went right into my foot, as sharp objects are wont to do.

That's when I decided to just stop doing stuff because evidently doing stuff is bad for my health. Also, I didn't want to turn gimpy like M from the gym who stubbed like all her toes and had blisters and all kinds of stuff, which, in turn, caused her to work in her socks all day. Which, I could care less about, but still, gimpy.

So back to this blog...

I was going to write about how Transformers doesn't really suck despite what all the critics say like this guy and Willie Waffle. I'm not sure what movie they saw but obviously it was not the same one I saw, so I'm assuming they must have been drunk because I know I wasn't.

I will admit though that the first little bit of the movie was highly confusing since I had no clue what was going on since the only time I saw the first Transformers movie I was sleeping, so I wasn't really watching it so much as hearing it and that's not really the same.

Eventually (maybe Wednesday if I'm not completely unconscious the entire day - I'll probably explain later) I want to post some cool pics from the very first gig the boyfriend had at this coffee shop on Saturday.

The pictures are complete flukes for the most part. I only took them trying to get the settings right on the camera so I was randomly shooting art on the wall, potted plants, and the counter. So, of course, when the boyfriend, et al, finally got up there to play my stupid camera let me get one picture off then absolutely refused to do anything else.

When I went to edit the pictures last night I figured I'd just do a bunch of crazy stuff over and over to the same picture and hope nobody would notice. I'm sure they wouldn't have either except now I just told you, so it's going to be glareingly obvious. Obvious only if I ever actually post them. I'm going to try really hard. Sometimes the lazy just gets to be too much. Plus the room with the computer is like an oven it's so hot in there so that really detracts from the amount of time I want to spend in there. If it was a laptop and I had wireless internet, then I would just do it somewhere cooler. It's not though, so here we are, pictureless.

Plus I have this wicked picture of the gluton free mac & cheese that I turned smurf blue. At first I thought it was just regular mold, but then it would really have to be some sort of super mold because it really just looked like the noodles had turned blue randomly. Now I think it has something to do with the blue cheese I put in there. So the moral of that story is do not add blue cheese to mac & cheese that you don't intend to eat right away.

Things to come:
Random gig pictures, plus one of the boyfriend that I re-did like 10 times to make it seem like I didn't run out of battery power on the camera

Smurf blue, gluton free, mac & cheese pictures, plus one I added like every possible effect to in an effort to make it seem less freaky-food and more ART!

Awesome pics of some of the super pretty flowers growing in our yard that I wish I could take credit for planting but I can't, but I can take credit for the awesome pictures because I did take those all by myself! Props!!

So enjoy...eventually

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