Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Parking Wars: My Driveway Edition; Part Two: It's 5am for the lovagod!

In our last edition I gave a pretty good background on the current shared driveway scenario. In a nutshell: It sucks. You can read part one here if you forgot or just never read it in the first place – which really I find hard to believe because why would you even do that? **Shakes head**

In part two of the Parking Wars series we are going to discuss neighbors who, apparently, have not yet realized that it’s not 10 degrees outside in the mornings anymore. Yeah, I’m not sure if you got the memo, but it’s spring, hedging on summer. I agree, it’s a very cold spring/summer thus far, but I think we can all agree it is still well above a bracing 10 degrees.

One of the guys that lives in the Big House across the shared drive has a full size extended cab diesel truck. So not only does he end up sticking waaaaay out into the driveway (shared driveway), but his truck is loud. Very, very loud.

Guess what this neighbor’s very favorite activity is at 6am? Starting his truck. Which, obviously he’s going to have to do at some point if he ever wants to get to work so that part’s understandable. What's not, though, is why he then has to let it idle for the next twenty minutes. Why?? Why is this??

In a conversation with another neighbor I was expressing my growing frustration at being literally shocked awake at 6am when his truck starts and then praying to go deaf for the next twenty minutes so that I can go back to bed. This neighbor said that when it’s very cold out you do need to start a vehicle that runs on diesel awhile before you go somewhere. He said typically this only need to be done if it’s around 10 degrees or colder. Not 10 degrees or warmer.

The coldest its been since we moved in was probably 34 degrees in the morning. That’s still not 10 degrees. Lately it’s been in the 50’s. That’s really not 10 degrees. I just do not understand this. It reminds me of one of the apartments I lived where all my windows looked right out onto the parking lot…including my bedroom window, and some guy would get home at a crazy late/early time with his crotch rocket and feel the need to not only let it idle, but occasionally rev the engine.

Right now the only way I can think of to make a point that this is a problem is go make the boyfriend go outside at 6am and plug in his acoustic/electric guitar into an amp, crank it and play very loudly from the moment the truck starts until he finally pulls out of the driveway.

Then as our neighbor is driving away the boyfriend can wave and smile and be all “you have a good day now”. This is also why I don’t care when on the weekends when I’m hoping the neighbors are still trying to sleep, the boyfriend goes outside and plays guitar and sings.

Otherwise I got nothin'

Next up: Parking Wars: My Driveway Edition; Part Three: Oh right, I forgot your special cuz you live ON THE RIVER

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