Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm exhausted so I'm waving my white flag, see it? Over there? No?

Seriously? What's going on here lately? By "here" I mean like "in the world" not "here" as in "on this blog". And that? Was a riduclious amount of quotes. Sorry. Where were we? **ahem** Oh yes, so what's going on in the world. Pretty much every time I turn around these last few days someone wants to get into a disagreement.

I'll totally admit that a lot of times I tend to be a weeeeeeee bit combatative. I'm not going to lie. I've never been one to back down from a fight. Most people run in the opposite direction of confrontation, but me? I run straight towards it.

However, I also know how to pick my battles.

Yet, they seem to keep picking me the last few days. What's up??

Go to job #2 and it's all:
"Everyone just keeps complaining all the time!" - Mngr

"Uh, well this is true but usually people also try and offer a solution..." - Me

"Complaints!! All the time!! We need solutions!" - Mngr

"I was trying to give you..." - Me

"I'm so sick of all these complaints!" - Mngr

and so on...

Go to my actual J-O-B and it's:
"The reports don't lie!! I don't care what you say!" - CSM Mngr

"Ok - well that's fine, but I know what I did and..." - Me

"The reports. Don't. Lie!" - CSM Mngr

"I get what you're saying, but I'm telling you what I know I did and..." - Me

"Well I just don't see it because the reports..." - CSM Mngr

"Ok whatever I'll just run it again and we'll be done with it" - Me

"No! We need to figure this out!!" - CSM Mngr

"I agree, but I mean I know what I know and if you just are going off the reports and the reports apprently don't show it then..." - Me

"The reports are God's truth!!!!!" - CSM Mngr

"Really, I can just run it again and we can stop..." - Me

and so on....for 20 minutes...with me ultimately just running the report again like I suggested in the first place

Go back to job #2:
Picking up right where we left off the first time...
"I think I finally see what you're saying." - Mngr

"Good! I just think the way you want this presented is confusing, for everyone." - Me

"Well I know what you think but we want it this other way. " - Mngr

"Ok...and that' fine, do what you want, I'm just trying to understand the logic behind it." - Me

"The logic is that's the way we're doing it. That's just the way it is" - Mngr

"That's fine, I just find it confusing for the customers. You said we were simplifying things and yet here they are getting all complicated again." - Me

"I'm telling you - this is just the way it is" - Mngr

"Ok...that's fine.." - Me

"I mean you can take this up with the owner." - Mngr

"That's not what I'm getting at I'm just trying to understand..." - Me

"This is just the way it is!!" - Mngr

and so on.

Why everyone is so fiesty right now is beyond me. That or the moral of the story is to just not try and understand things anymore and shut up about reports and fix them yourself. Clearly talking gets you nowhere except exhausted

I'm going to bed!

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