Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Guiding the Days of All My Bold Lives to Live

If you didn't get that title? It's a sad (very sad, I can admit that, I'm a big person) conglomeration of soap opera names*. I'd give prizes for who can guess them all correctly and first, but I'm poor, so your prize would probably be the not-so-yummy chocolate Skittles I attempted to eat at lunch yesterday. Now don't all go clamoring for them at once. Keep it civilized people!

* In case you just really have to know, or are confused because I did such a poor job the soaps are, in order: Guiding Light, Days of our Lives, All My Children, Bold and the Beautiful, One Life to Live

**Ahem!!** This is great because I don't even really have a post to get back to really, I mean at this point I could most likely just ramble on and on about soap operas, but I won't because I only watch Bold and the Beautiful and that's simply by default. Also? I'm bad with names, and this post would get very long, very quickly if I had to describe all the characters without names and with physical features only. In fact it's making me tired, and bored, and where was I going with any of this?

Sadly it's not even Monday anymore so I can't just write this whole thing off as a Monday occurrence which, obviously, everyone would understand. Nope - it's Tuesday so I'm supposed to be getting my shit together at this point right?


**tap** **tap**


So let's see, I realized I promised some pictures, which, sadly, still have not happened. Not for lack of time really, more lack of motivation. Motivation and any sort of artistic inclination. Honestly, I was only out of it that one day, after that it was just sheer ennui that prevented me from doing anything else. That, and the list of crap I need to do that's quickly becoming extremely overwhelming, and where or where are those anxiety pills when you need 'em?? Clearly not here where they should be, keeping me breathing, and all the hair on my head and not in my clenched fists.

What's going on you may ask? A quick recap...as a side note I should warn you that this might sound a bit soap operaesque, you know, without all the evil twins and the resurrections and such, but still, if it didn't happen then this blog would be uber boring (or maybe just more uber boring) and I'd have to regal you with stories about kittens, or unicorns, or how keep getting this hangnail on my one finger that keeps turning into an infection and I wish that would just stop happening...and ANYWAY:

Wednesday: Have small bowel biopcey. Sleep for the rest of the day, except for the hour I was awake to make myself a sandwitch and take a couple of phone calls

Thursday: Have upsetting realization while talking to my financial advisor, but nothing that other people haven't already had to do, luckily it also means I don't get to work until 10am.

Manage to hit the gym for a Power Pump class at which point my stomach starts to get very angry

Pretty sure the discharge papers said I could "resume normal activity", guess it's a good thing I didn't go to spin instead

Best friend comes over with her two boys, who are happily entertained by the boyfriend, who, among other things: gave them two bottle of silly string that ended up all over a tree and the back porch (read: cement slab), make a bonfire and roast hot dogs, take a walk to the river and plan a fishing trip. Luckily my best friend and I did pretty much nothing but leisurly watch it all from the safety of our chairs.

Finish watching movie from Saturday night with the boyfriend

Cue intense and riducliously painful stomach cramps. Until 1am when I finally fall asleep.

Friday: Stomach cramps continue. After a few phone calls with the nurse/doctor/clinic it's decided I should probably just to go the ER.

Normally I would just let this slide and deal with it myself, but two pieces of my stomach/small bowel were just removed (ok albit SMALL pieces) and apparently stomache pain should NOT still be happening at this point.

Spend 2 hours in the ER to be told it's just the surgical gas stuck in my innards. Fun.

Go back to work for 45 minutes then race back to town to my second job, breaking untold amounts of traffic laws only to find that the person who was supposedly waiting for me to arrive with baited breath....is already gone.

Work until close. Which actually isn't that late.

Get home. No boyfriend.

Call cell phone, no answer.

Text, no response.

Call cell phone, nada.

Start to get worried.

I'm not saying he can't leave the house of his own accord, but typically I at least have some sort of idea about what's going on.

Start to get annoyed.

Call cell phone, leave message.

Get call back!

No, you did not tell me which friend's house you were at. No big deal, I'm just a stickler for info...much like the KGB.

Feel much better, but now lonely....and bored.

We canceled the digital cable.

We get channels 2-24.

Do you know what's on channels 2-24??

Try and work on computer - as now would be the perfect time to upload promised pictures on blog. Get frusterated because I can't listen to decent television in the computer room (I hate you channels 2-24!!) Get dramatic because I feel like nothing in the room is mine aside from the computer and the desk it's sitting on. Even though this isn't true, and also because I just have less stuff so you just don't see as much of it in general. Take Tramadol for stupid surgical gas stomach cramps and try to sleep (dramatically!) on the couch in front of Uptown Girls. (Shut it)

Boyfriend finds me, upon his arrival home, and correctly assumes I'm crabby and bored due to stupid no good TV channels. Luckily he brought home an awesome movie which we both managed to stay awak to watch. Yay us!

Saturday (July 4th): Comes to a crashing halt with a rather upsetting visit. We know we'll get around the this new situation (which isn't actually all that new for us), but, still, in light of the earlier part of our week...this just addds to the problems.

I suggest we go to the Farmers Market. Even when I realize it's spitting rain I never suggest we stay home. The sacrifices I make. They are intense.

Manage to get some awesome buffalo steaks practically for free (yay coupons!), discuss upcoming King of Pop's funeral with coffee shop owner, buy an amazing flower arrangement for $5.

Go home, and I realize I cannot continue living without some sort of food. Make eggs. Clean microvwave, stove, counters, and mop floors in kitchen, entryways, and bathroom.

Head upstairs to see what the boyfriend is up to, which I suspect is sleeping. Which is when I decide to take a break and, rather then upload pictures (because that would be silly!) I fall asleep too.

Finally get back up, finish cleaning, the boyfriend finds his way downstairs and makes up\s buffalo steaks, and we pretty much proceed to lounge around the rest of the day.

At no point did updating el bloggo seem like a good idea. Sorry!

Sunday: Back to work! Bright and early at 9am! Turns out it's not so bad when you have a fun co-worker.

Stop at the 'rent's afterwards to borrow the weed wacker since I've decided I cannot live one more minute staring at the weeds threatening to overtake the lawn.

Arrive home to find the boyfriend has been haaaaarrrddd at work mowing, weeding, planting tomato plants, transplanting other plants from our "ravine" to the side of the hosue and generally fixing stuff....color me shocked! And totally stoked!! We spend the rest of the day in a battle against the yard - and we totally win!

Monday: Day starts off ok until I realize I have a doctor's appointment (yes, once again!) Which puts the boyfriend in a condundrum since he wants to use the car but doesn't want to have to take me to the doctor's. In the end he decides using the car and dealing with my doctor's appointments are more beneficial.

Have panic attack when I realize I am leaving for Tennessee next week, I still have to plan a bridal shower with money I don't have and supplies I don't have since I returned most of them to pay for rent, still have another apartment to clean before the end of the month, the car is a junk heap on the inside, need OIL CHANGE....BREATH!!

The boyfriend picks me up at 2pm and tells me he finally was able to pick up the brand spankin' new electric guitar the music store was holding for him!

My neurologist actually doesn't yell at me or call me poor! Plus gives me medicine that might help my headaches AND my crazy panic attacks. Yay!!

Decide I really need to do at least one thing (finish cleaning old apartment, get oil change for car, clean car inside and out, get new bridal shower invites, get new bridal shower EVERYTHING, pay rest of the rent, BREATH) each night this week so I feel like I'm accomplishing something.

Even though we are poor I want to treat us to a decent meal, so Red Lobster it is! I even cheat and have some of their delicious bread! Oh bread how I've missed you!!!

Feeling full and happy, I know spending my gas money on food was still a good idea.

Arrive home and play with new electric guitar. This is probably the one instrument I've never played, and never had an opportunity to mess around with. And. It. Is. FANTASTIC!! I think I'm addicted.

Pry the guitar out of my own hands and load up to go clean the apartment. It's one dinky bathroom and some vacuuming. I'm pretty sure I can handle this.

Miss two calls from the boyfriend.

Call, no answer

Call, no answer

Text, no response


clean toilet

clean counter

clean mirror

Call, no answer.

Even though I KNOW everything is probably fine, I feel like I need to just go home and see what's up. I try and tell myself I'm being stupid but I just don't care. I also realize I can just say I forgot to grab the stainless steel cleaner.

Get home. The boyfriend is ok - one of his friends is having some problems though. We decide that he'll finish helping me clean the apartment then we'll deal with the friend.

On the way over, we discuss another friend, and the boyfriend decides to give him a call, only to find out some extremely bad news, at which point I know we're not going to be cleaning the bathroom, but will be going directly to the friend's house.

Arrive, with friend et al at ER around 9:30pm.

Leave ER around 1am.

I contimplate calling in to work for the morning, but realize that's probably not going to fly since I have enough of my own doctor's appointments I need to miss for.

That's that. I tried to make it as short as possible. I'm pretty sure I lost most of my 3 readers at this point anyway. If nothing else it was theraputic for me! So thanks!! I'm not so good at the short recaps - I'd try and get better but then I'd probably end up leaving out some curcial words and then it would look like a drunken monkey on crack typed this up rather than just dictating it to me.

The pictures - they are a commin. Not tonight (work until 10pm), maybe tomorrow? (although after kickboxing I think that the apartment MUST. BE. CLEANED.) Not Thursday (work again until 10pm) Potentially Friday (that might end up being bridal shower invitiation night tho), Potentially Saturday (assuming I don't go to the 2nd Job Summer Par-tay!)

I'll try and get it done before the big Tennessee trip at any rate!! :-)

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