Sunday, January 31, 2010

Get out the Swiffer - It's Dusty in Here

**tap, tap** Ahem! **tap** Hello? Anyone out there? **tap, tap**. **COUGH** Whew! Dusty in here eh? Oh! And look! Some cobwebs in the corner there. So, I'm back? I"m not sure if anyone cares, but, enough procrastinating is enough I think. This feels a little...awkward.

I want to re-dedicate myself to this blog. Mainly for selfish reasons, obviously. I love writing, and I loved the idea that I may be entertaining someone - even if it is only one person. Maybe two? Unfortunately, it's easy to lose focus, especially when everything else is in chaos and keeping one more thing on your plate seems completely unnecessary.

It is necessary though.

It's not because it's necessary to believe that there's people out there that are just waiting everyday for a new post to come up, to read the next mundane thing that happened in your life; but it's fun and it's creative and....well....why not?

I start this thing, and I don't think that it's ready to die. Not yet.

I have a million excuses - sure. My camera is on the fritz, I've moved twice in less than a month, I changed jobs, I got a dog, the dog NEEDS me.

I need this blog.

I'm hoping to start to maintain some focus, and I'm hoping for a fresh start.

So - if you were reading this - I'm asking for my second chance. If you weren't - I'm hoping that maybe you'll start. Doesn't have to be regular. know...check in....see what's up. Maybe you'll find something you like. Even if you don't maybe you'll find something you weren't looking for but are glad you found.

With that - welcome back ..... and welcome!

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