Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Bonus Edition: Awesome Shit I Just Found

It's probably painfully obvious that on Fridays I don't feel so much like working as I do obsessivly cruisin' the 'net. Don't judge me! Besides it's win-win because then I come back here and tell you about it too. Plus I've heard something about procastinating alone being like drinking alone. I don't know if that's true (probably because the bird that keeps knocking its head on my office window told me and even if he doesn't seem all that bright, he's very determined, and dogged persistance must prove something....right??)

Basically since I set foot inside the building today I've been pretty much doing nothing right and at this point I give up. Now we're coming to the part of the day where people are tending to fight with me about nothing, which ,I discussed the other day and I'm totally over that.


I was doing my daily (read: hourly) puruse of my regular blog haunts, and came across this posted on Good Mom/Bad Mom who finds the coolest stuff possibly ever. Seriously. If you did not check out that link (either of them, really) you're missing out. And that's not my fault.

For once.

Honestly though, would you not buy that for your kid? Or your friend's kid? Who doesn't want to be known as the coolest parent/aunt/uncle on the block? Nobody.(You see what I did there? I put the link in twice that's how bad I want you to go look at "it. Look! There it is again. Will you just click on it already??)

One of the other sites I read is PostSecret. This site only posts on Sundays. And they don't archieve. So bascially if you miss a week, you miss a week. Tough titties.

Well, unless you're me and you decide to google it juuuussst to make sure and then you find one of the most hilarious sites that you've seen in a long time.

If you don't know how PostSecret works, here is the explaination directly from their site:

"PostSecret is an onging community art project where people mail in their secrets annonymously on one side of a postcard."

They even have a multitude of books which I would purchase were I not so poor and they didn't cost, in some cases, over $20 a pop. Yikes. So anyway...for now I'll stick with reading my Sunday Secrets.

Ok! So this other site is Post-It Secret and according to that site:

"Post-it Secret was an ongoing blog where post-it notes came to confess their dirty and not so dirty secrets!"


I read a few pages of posts, they got a little repetitive after awhile but I still think it's a hilarious rip-off of, or tribuite to, depending on how you look at it, PostSecret.

Where PostSecret is a collection of annoymously sent postcards that people have written secrets on, sent in from all corners of the world. Post-it Secrets are essecntially the dark, secret thoughts of your post-its. Yes. Like those little yellow squares that sit innocently on your desk. They have a whole lot to say and it's not always pretty.

Here are a couple of examples to cut down on the anticipation of it all:

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